Throughout Stellar Evolution


Magnetic fields are key actors in the evolution of all stellar objects, through their ability to influence the angular momentum evolution, internal mixing or mass-loss of stars, as well as their activity phenomena or star-planet interactions. The present Symposium is aimed at offering a synthetic view of recent progresses in the young and growing domain of stellar magnetism. This research area is now benefiting from the rapid, combined development of observations and numerical simulations, enabling stellar physicists to take magnetic fields into account in most models of stellar structure and evolution.


  • Stellar structure and evolution 
  • Magnetized accretion and outflows in young stellar objects 
  • Magnetic braking of PMS stars 
  • Solar and stellar activity in photospheres, chromospheres and coronae, and stellar cycles 
  • Magnetism in very low-mass stars and brown dwarfs 
  • Star-planet interaction 
  • Stellar dynamos across the HR diagram 
  • Magnetic field origin and stability in massive stars 
  • Magnetically-confined winds of massive stars 
  • Cool active subgiants and giants 
  • Small-scale dynamo and mass-loss in cool giant and supergiant stars 
  • Final phases of stellar evolution : magnetism in compact objects

Invited speakers

Jonathan Braithwaite - Sacha Brun - Rim Fares - Jason Grunhut - Gaitee Hussain - Oleg Kochukhov - Heidi Korhonen - Ryuichi Kurosawa - Norbert Langer - François Lignières - Stuart Littlefair - Stan Owocki - Ralph Pudritz - Nanda Rea - Ansgar Reiners - Andreas Reisenegger - Saku Tsuneta - Aline Vidotto - Wouter Vlemmings - Lucianne Walkowicz

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