Throughout Stellar Evolution

Second announcement

This is the second announcement for the Symposium 302 of the International Astronomical Union, entitled "Magnetic fields throughout stellar evolution". The conference will be held in Biarritz (France), 26-30 August 2013.


Magnetic fields are key actors in the evolution of all stellar objects, through their ability to influence the angular momentum evolution, internal mixing or mass-loss of stars, as well as their activity phenomena or star-planet interactions. The present Symposium is aimed at offering a synthetic view of recent progresses in the young and growing domain of stellar magnetism. This research area is now benefiting from the rapid, combined development of observations and numerical simulations, enabling stellar physicists to take magnetic fields into account in most models of stellar structure and evolution.


  • Stellar structure and evolution
  • Magnetized accretion and outflows in young stellar objects
  • Magnetic braking of PMS stars
  • Solar and stellar activity in photospheres, chromospheres and coronae, and stellar cycles
  • Magnetism in very low-mass stars and brown dwarfs
  • Star-planet interaction
  • Stellar dynamos across the HR diagram
  • Magnetic field origin and stability in massive stars
  • Magnetically-confined winds of massive stars
  • Cool active subgiants and giants
  • Dynamo and mass-loss in giant and supergiant stars
  • Final phases of stellar evolution : magnetism in compact objects

Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Gibor Basri (Univ. California, USA)
  • Matthew Browning (Univ. Toronto,Canada)
  • Corinne Charbonnel (Geneva Observatory, Switzerland)
  • Jose-Dias do Nascimento (Univ. Natal, Brazil)
  • Siraj Hasan (IIA, India)
  • Moira Jardine (Univ. Saint Andrews, Scotland, co-chair)
  • Oleg Kochukhov (Univ. Uppsala, Sweden)
  • Renada Konstantinova-Antova (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria)
  • Hiroaki Isobe (Univ. Kyoto, Japan)
  • Stephen Marsden (James Cook University, Australia)
  • Pascal Petit (Univ. Toulouse, France, chair)
  • Sami Solanki (MPS, Germany)
  • Henk Spruit (MPA, Germany, co-chair)
  • Klaus Strassmeier (AIP, Germany)
  • Asif ud-Doula (Penn State, USA)
  • Gregg Wade (RMC, Canada)

Confirmed speakers

Jonathan Braithwaite - Rim Fares - Jason Grunhut - Oleg Kochukhov - Heidi Korhonen - Norbert Langer - François Lignières - Stuart Littlefair - Mark Miesch - Stan Owocki - Ralph Pudritz - Nanda Rea - Ansgar Reiners - Andreas Reisenegger - Marina Romanova - Karel Schrijver - Saku Tsuneta - Aline Vidotto - Wouter Vlemmings - Lucianne Walkowicz


The conference will be held at Casino Municipal, Biarritz (France). Situated on the French Atlantic coast, at the western end of the Pyrénées mountain range, Biarritz is a friendly and attractive town benefiting from the mild weather of southern France. It can be easily reached by plane or train and offers more than 2,300 hotel rooms. With 6 km of beaches, Biarritz is the historical capital of surfing in Europe. You can also find there the secondoldest golf course in Europe, 5 thalassotherapy centres and a casino.

The town is just a stone’s throw away from Spain and is less than 150 km away from Bilbao and its famous Guggenheim museum. Biarritz is also located at less than 200 km from Bordeaux and its world-famous wineries. It is a perfect starting point to explore the Basque country, with its authentic countryside and charming villages. A half-day excursion will bring the participants to selected spots around the town, and the symposium diner will be the opportunity to enjoy French gastronomy.


Biarritz is very attractive during the month of August, and hotels get fully booked very early. We therefore very strongly recommend to book your hotel as soon as possible! A list of hotels is available here:

Social events

The conference dinner will take place on Thursday night (29 Aug 2013), at Salle des Ambassadeurs (Casino Municipal). The banquet cost is 40EUR per person.

Three optional wednesday tours are proposed, to be chosen between a visit of Domaine Brana (winery), a discovery of the Basque coast by boat, and a visit of Château-Observatory Abbadia. Additional fees of 20EUR per person apply for the tours.


Early registration fee is 300€ (until 15 Apr 2013). Late registration fee is 350EUR per participant. The fee allows access to the conference venue, the welcome cocktail on Sunday night, the coffee breaks, four lunches, and a hard copy of proceedings. Addditionnal fee is requested for conference dinner (40EUR) and Wednesday tours (20EUR).

The online payment interface is available here:

Cancellations: Requests for cancellation with a 50% fee refund will only be accepted through 01 Jul 2013.

Abstract submission

Abstract can be submitted at the following address:

IAU travel grants

The International Astronomical Union is offering grants to cover part of the expenses to attend IAUS 302, particularly for participants with limited financial support (e.g. young scientists). People wishing to apply to a travel grant are invited to fill the official form ( and send it by email to the organizers ( The deadline for grant application is 01 Mar 2013

Visa information

General information for preparing your entry in France and applying to a French Visa is available here:

Invitation letters will be provided to registered participants whenever needed. Should you require a letter, we invite you to contact the organizers by email (

Important dates

  • Registration opens: 28 Jan 2013
  • Deadline for IAU grant application: 01 Mar 2013
  • Decision for IAU financial support: 22 Mar 2013
  • Deadline for early registration: 15 Apr 2013
  • Abstract deadline for contributed talks: 13 May 2013
  • Abstract deadline for posters: 21 Jun 2013
  • Deadline for registration: 01 Jul 2013
  • Deadline for proceedings submission: 30 Sep 2013


Any inquiry about the conference should be addressed to

We hope to see as many of you as possible in Biarritz this summer!

Best regards,
the SOC and LOC

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